Talk to us about caravan insurance – and ensure your caravanning holiday doesn’t turn into a nightmare

Caravanning is an enjoyable pastime for thousands of people in the UK, but towing a caravan to its destination can be a stressful experience – and one that could cost you dearly if you don’t have the correct caravan insurance cover in place.

A caravan itself is not insured under a standard car policy, so if you are involved in an accident that is your fault while towing your caravan, you will only be covered for damage that you do to a third party, not to your own caravan.

Caravan insurance is increasingly a casualty of the current economic climate – especially as it is not required by law in the UK – but arranging a specific caravan insurance policy is a wise move to ensure you are properly protected against theft or damage.

Comply with the conditions of your touring caravan insurance policy and keep on top of the maintenance

As well as arranging comprehensive touring caravan insurance cover, it’s important to carry out annual safety checks to ensure your van is in good working order after being in storage during the winter.

Looking after your tyres is vital as worn, cracked or balding tyres can lead to increased fuel consumption, poor handling and braking, and even a blow-out when towing.

Check the tyre pressure before a long trip and make sure the valves are not leaking and the valve cap is properly fitted before setting off. Make sure the tread depth is at least 1.6mm across the full tread width – the minimum summer legal requirement throughout Europe.

You can even fit stabilisers and anti-snaking devices to your caravan – and earn a discount on some annual policies as a result.

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