Travel insurance – ensure you remember your holiday for all the right reasons

Many people planning a holiday, either forget to buy a travel insurance policy or decide they can do without one in a bid to keep costs down. The reality is that without adequate travel insurance, you could be exposing yourself to thousands of pounds worth of potential costs if something unforeseen happens – either before you set off on your travels or while you’re away.

We’ve all heard stories of holidaymakers falling ill or breaking a limb while away and having to pay tens of thousands of pounds on hospital treatment and an air ambulance back to the UK. Travel insurance will provide you with financial protection just in case things go wrong.
Check the small print of your travel insurance policy

The right travel insurance policy can protect you from a wide range of problems that may arise while you’re travelling – from the catastrophic to the merely inconvenient. You can choose from annual multi-trip travel insurance or single trip travel insurance, depending on how many times a year you plan to be away. Either way, make sure you check the small print of your policy to ensure you’re properly protected.

A good travel insurance policy will cover you for:

cancelling or cutting your holiday short in an emergency such as sudden illness or family bereavement
lost or stolen belongings
medical expenses if you have an accident or become ill; this is especially important if you visit a country with no state health service such as the US.

Many holidaymakers assume their policy will pay out if their trip is cancelled or cut short due to an earthquake, disease or terrorist attack, but cancellation and curtailment cover is often very narrowly defined and doesn’t include such events.

It’s important to remember that there are exceptions and limits in every travel insurance policy. Make sure you read the small print, or even better, ask CSIS to arrange a policy on your behalf, call us on 01475 728 221 or email