Gap Cover

Gap Cover

Why do I need GAP Insurance?

Most standard private car insurance policies will usually only pay for the value of your vehicle on the day it is written off. This pay out figure is often very different from the price you originally paid for your car, especially if you bought it when it was brand new.

Gap Insurance is a specialist type of motor insurance that bridges the gap between the original purchase price of a vehicle and the total loss payment made by an insurer if the vehicle is written off. Without this form of total loss insurance, you could still lose out financially if your vehicle is deemed a write off.

GAP Insurance from Campbell Smith Insurance Services (CSIS)

The private car insurance brokers at CSIS can arrange Gap cover – sometimes known as write off insurance – for owners of vehicles up to 10 years old.

To discuss your GAP motor insurance needs or for a free, no obligation GAP insurance quote, call the trusted Greenock brokers at CSIS on 01475 728 221 or email